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Traverse the realms in a forever struggle of imbalance, defeating powerful warlords and cleansing corrupted artifacts. Brutal and dangerous, even the most routine beasts spew damnation at the mere presence of you: the Manipulators. The unique denizens of each realm aspire to purge you in whatever malicious possible ways available in an effort to gain more power and bring the imbalance of reality towards a coming doom.

AeOps is for 2-5 players including a gamemaster with optional rules for gm-less play. Players, as Manipulators embodying Spirit, Brain, Bone, or Meat, use up to seven six-sided dice (7d6) to 

  • Traverse the Quantum Realms
  • Annihilate Keepers, creatures and denizens
  • Cleanse powerful Relics

while the GM uses a diminishing Balance Die, downgrading from d12 to d4 with each stage representing further destabilization of the Realms and a quickly approaching reality cataclysm.

Game design and illustration by Adam Vass. Published April 2021 by Floating Chair Club.
This game is intended to live in print as an unfolding poster zine, beginning at 5x7" and growing as you explore the four realms each in distinct art style, culminating in a 19x27" poster. Purchase the poster zine at floatingchair.club.
Digital files here include the original print file to create your own folding zine, an adapted version in landscape for computer displays, and a rich text format file without art for easy reading.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Howdy! Not to sound presumptuous, but any chance to score a landscape PDF since I ordered a physical copy from Spear Witch? Really looking forward to playing!

sure! Just email your receipt to axv at worldchampgame dot co and I’ll send keys

Very beautiful and awesome game! 1 Question, what does "Choose 1 skill from bth adjacent realms with starting value 0" mean? I thought all realms start with a score of 1?

the skills from your realm (there are four of them) start at 1, the skills from adjacent realms (two) start at zero, then you roll 6d6 and assign them to each skill, so when you’re actually in play everything will have at least 1. Basically you get d6+1 in each skill from your home realm and d6+0 for the others!

ooooooh I see! I misunderstood the text then! So you pick a realm and automatically get the two adjacent realms I see. Thank you for the speedy response! I love your work!

thanks so much! just to clarify further (though hopefully not muddying the waters), you choose one skill from each of your two adjacent realms, so a Bone Manipulator gets the four Bone skills (Fracture, Protect, Fuse, and Forge) each beginning with 1 and then chooses one from the adjacent Meat list (begins at 0) and one from the adjacent Brain list (begins at 0) for a total of 6 Skills, then rolling 6d6 and assigning each respective value to your skills. At the start of play, your realm's inherent skills will be valued 2-7, your adjacent skills will be 1-6. Hope this makes sense and I didn't make it more muddy!

no In fact it helped more! I appreciate the additional reply! If I may ask one last question, what exactly does the balance die do? Once it goes past d4, is the game just over?

exactly. The balance die is a measure of the collapse of reality, and as the die gets smaller to indicate collapse spending along, the setting should become more turbulent and the keepers and relics more powerful and violent. When the die would change from d4, reality is destroyed