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I purchased the physical book of Cybermetal 2012 and the DLC zine. I tried to forward my receipt but the email gets bounced back to me. Is there a way to get the PDF? Am I using the wrong email? The email I used was and

it’s just .co not .com! And the first address looks like a spelling error with world. That should fix it!

Oh! I'm a dope lol. thank you for responding. I went ahead and purchased both PDFs. the game is very cool and I wanted to support the author.

I grabbed the physical from your webstore, does it come with a pdf?

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yes, just forward your receipt to axv at worldchampgame dot co and I’ll send you a download key 



I enjoyed your chat on Building the Game. Good luck on your game!




Nice; unless you're color blind making the book impossible to read.


I posted it below but I’m still working on getting an RTF file published so it will be easier for everyone to read, hopefully within the next two weeks as I juggle shipping physical rewards to backers 

Hi Adam, running my first game of Cybermetal 2012 next week, any chance the more easy to read RTF is ready soon? Thanks for an awesome game!


unfortunately I let this slip my mind as I’ve been on tour for the last 7 weeks! I’m going to work on that when I get home but probably won’t be ready for your first play session. Hopefully will have that uploaded before December, thanks for the reminder! 


I cannot wait to get some hands-on time with this game. It's bristling with attitude and style, and just full of energy. Let's GOOOOOO


let me know how your adventures go! If your gang needs a sleepy stoner who never gets off the couch, let me know and you can use my current PC  


This game rocks. Here's me gushing about it for 5 minutes, in case you somehow haven't been convinced to buy it already.


RTF text-only version of the rules and hyperlinked rulebook PDF are coming soon!