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We All Know Art Is Hard

Sink To Swim is a gm-less storytelling game for 2-4 players. In it, you tell the story of a down-on-their-luck artist who is given an unexpected opportunity to revitalize their career and public image.

To play, you only need these rules, 4 Art Dice (included), and two coins. If playing online, assign numbers to the images on the faces of the Art Dice and roll as normal. Roll a d2 when asked to flip coins.

For fans of The Meyerwitz Stories, King of Comedy, Velvet Buzzsaw, Stranger Than Fiction.

This game uses four custom six-sided dice called Art Dice. Each of the four custom six-sided dice has a unique illustration in black ink and a primary spot color to match the palette of the game. Interpreting the symbols, colors, placement, and timing of these images informs decisions you make in character, setting, and scene building. The dice included are meant to be printed out, cut, and folded to assemble.

Want to play this game online?

Michael Klamerus designed the Dice-O-Matic 2000 to allow you to randomize and roll 4dArt for use in this game and his game MindExplorer! a nice simple browser-based way to play StS digitally.


Art Dice License

Art Dice are available here for free to print and play. Purchase of the game includes a commercial license to remix, reinterpret, or reuse Art Dice in your own games that you may distribute commercially with concept and illustration credit to Adam Vass/World Champ Game Co.

A physical edition of this game containing 8 page color zine and two postcard-sized dice templates with color artwork is available at worldchamp.io/store. Limited to 100 copies.

This game was made possible by backers at patreon.com/worldchampgameco.


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Had a blast playing this! Love the dice, the game provides a good structure & prompts which are still open enough to tell lots of different stories.