World Champ Game Co.

metatextual storytelling inspired by La Dispute's album Wildlife
lowtech heavy metal cyberpunk ttrpg
compiled expanded content for Cybermetal 2012 RPG
Science-Fantasy Roleplaying In A Universe Ruled By Death
supplementary content for Necronautilus Science Fantasy RPG
a tabletop rpg of kids & critters lost in an endless wood on Halloween night
the anthology horror storytelling game
A TTRPG of Truth & Danger just beyond the shadows. Conspiracy investigation and human horror.
Psychedelic journeys through the realms of Bone, Meat, Brain, and Spirit
Escape cataclysm and forge a new life on a magical moon
A short party-style roleplaying game of hunting bounties
a compilation of short rpgs with new expanded content from various designers
A map-drawing RPG of nostalgia and road tripping

Designed By The Brain Trust

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Supplements and Not-RPGs

Stellar Remnants

Supplemental and thirty party content inspired by and/or compatible with Necronautilus RPG

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